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Its rare that a long-running series like NET FORCE feels so devoid of fresh ideas this early on in the proceedings. Here we are only in Book #3, and already it seems author Steve Perry is struggling to scrape together a fresh plot.Like Book #2 in the series, NIGHT MOVES mostly forgoes the sorts of things youd typically expect from a Tom Clancy novel, preferring instead to deal with scene after scene of interpersonal drama. Having just hooked up with each other at the end of the last book, Alex and Toni already find their relationship on the rocks when they each meet a new special someone who catches their eye. Computer expert Jay Gridley works to recover from a stroke, while teenaged Tyrone once again finds himself in a substantial role that does absolutely nothing to further the overall plot. Although established as a computer genius in the first book, in NIGHT MOVES, he doesnt even so much as hop on a computer; rather, he spends his time throwing boomerangs and agonizing over which girl to hang out with.Now, does that sound like the Tom Clancy you know and love?NIGHT MOVES pays lip service to being a military thriller, but never really feels like one until the last 50 pages or so. Steve Perrys influence is seen on almost every page, whereas Tom Clancys is all but absent. In fact, its almost funny how Perry is able to work so many of his real-life hobbies--such as Indonesian martial arts and Buddhist philosophy--into the story, regardless of whether their inclusion feels appropriate.I mean, a boomerang-throwing competition? Really?It goes without saying that all the computer tech in this book is total B.S. As are all the truly horrendous slang words Perry has invented in a lame attempt to make his teenage characters sound hip and futuristic. The virtual reality environment of these NET FORCE novels is without-a-doubt the dumbest thing Tom Clancy ever came up with, unless you believe tracing and deleting a viral computer program could perfectly correspond with using a rocket launcher to hunt and kill a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the middle of a prehistoric jungle. (And lets not even get into the question of why...)Despite all this criticism, however, NIGHT MOVES is well-written and involving enough to serve as passable entertainment for those who enjoy these characters company. Theres just enough action to placate the typical Clancy fan, and the fact that much of the story is set in England helps disguise the fact that the villains in this book are almost identical to what NET FORCE faced in Book #2. The difference being that, in this book, the bad guys are all trying to kill each other, which helps make Net Forces job a whole lot easier.

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